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#13.Thou shalt not: 5 faux pas websites of PhD

Let’s admit it, the internet has revolutionalized how we conduct research – particularly literature reviews both peer reviewed and grey. Once upon a time, if you wanted a journal article, you had to go to the library – and here I am not talking about the online library, I am talking bricks and mortar library  – and the get the article yourself. It was actually more complicated than that. You had to climb flights of stairs, because for some reason the elevator was never working or it didn’t go to the basement. After you got there out of breath, you had to then read through rows and rows and rows and rows of dusty books, before giving up and deciding to get the call number of the journal you were looking for. If you were lucky you’d find it, and then coughing up a dustball, you would carefully remove the journal and in the process drop about 20 others, secretly stash them elsewhere (like you remember exactly where they fell from) and then you’d go to the photocopying machine. Yes, to make a physical copy. And woe unto you if your photocopy card was empty, the coin operated card machine was probably located at the other end of the library. All this just to get one article that might be pertinent to your paper.

Things have progressed significantly since those days.   Continue reading

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