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#7. Inspiring success stories – Tyler Perry

I absolutely LOVE biographies – there’s nothing like the stories of the journey to success to inspire you as you go along your own journey. They reveal so much character and help you appreciate all that a person has gone through to get to the final product including the good, the bad and the ugly.

Tyler Perry mixes it up with the media on the ...

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Tyler Perry’s story is one of those inspirational ones. One of the ways in which I relate to Tyler is that he was watching the Oprah show and heard about the therapeutic effect of writing, so he began to write, and write and write. His faith also played a key role in healing and overcoming past pains and hurts. It was from writing and writing and writing, that his plays were birthed. Using his savings of $12,000, he put out his first play, I know I’ve been Changed. 

Tyler has been criticized for his Madea character, I put that in the category of ‘haters are gon’ hate’ and he does the same too. He’s ignored this and gone ahead to be a role mode, philanthropist and a game changer in the film industry.

Tyler Perry,  born Emmitt Perry Jr., September 13, 1969

Occupation: Actor,  Author, Screen and playwright, Producer, Director, Song writter

Best Known for: Diary of a Mad Black Woman (his big break); Madea’s Family Reunion and other Madea films

Net worth: Last estimated to be $646 million but he has declined to be on the Forbes richest list

Education: GED

Interesting Box Office Trivia: Only film maker to have 5 films open at #1 at the box office in the last 5 years. His 8 films grossed less than $418 million and cost less than $10 million to make.

Tyler Perry identifies himself as a devout Christian and attributes his success to the grace of God. Is it just me, or are you surprised the he has  GED for his education? That just makes his story that much richer. He put out this video on how to be successful and he talks about working hard, believing in yourself and never giving up (in his own words of course!) Ok go on and watch it!

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