New Beginnings – February 15th 2012 (Reposted)

Its a new year (well we are already more than six weeks into it!) and I have a new resolve to blog more in 2012. We always say that at the beginning of the year, so I took my time before committing myself to this resolution so as NOT to resolve out of compulsion rather than commitment and to avoid the wave of new-years-resolutions like that annual gym membership paid for in January but never used beyond February.

ALOT has happened for me since I last blogged: got married, moved cities and made progress with my studies – Praise God!  I’m still reeling off of ALL those changes and slowly getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve renamed this blog BeingmrsdrD as it captures the new journey I am on both as mrsdrD and becoming mrsdrD myself. If you would like to access the old posts, please holler at me through FB. I held back from blogging for almost 7 months because the toll of my studies just seemed to have me in a state where I didn’t feel I could put out anything uplilfting. And as I have said on this blog before, my mama always taught me: if you can’t say something nice, don’t talk thats my advice. The world has enough negativity going on and there’s no need to add to the cacophony that’s already out there.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that blogging is therapy – just the act of putting your thoughts together and putting them out there without necessarily exposing your secret diary/journal to the world is indeed a therapeutic process. Beyond blogging for the sake of it, I have also come to realize that the faith-filled journey towards achieving your dreams and goals is far from linear! On the contrary, it is a sum of hills and valleys, ups and downs, that hopefully tend towards general progress and ultimately the achievement of your goals. So I am hoping to be a voice of encouragement BOTH to myself and to you as we trust God to get us where He is steering each of us towards in achieving our goals this year and beyond.

To this end, I am hoping to  share some of these ups and downs by having loads of inspirational quotes, from the Bible and elsewhere, as well a good reads, a not-so-covert agenda of pushing us through to achieve whatever it is we set out to do and a candid look at some of the challenges we face on the journey there. Comments, feedback and ideas are welcome! In this regard, this blog is evolving to be less about me personally and more about us and our journey towards achieving destiny – whatever destiny might hold. As someone currently in academia, I will talk alot about graduate studies and all that but the posts will not be restricted to this – I might venture and talk about marriage, the home, and any other thing that I find interesting. I hope it will be for you as interesting and inspirational as it will be for me. We are so often focussed on the destination, but this blog is more about the journey that gets us there.

Who am I? I am a follower of Christ, a wife and a PhD candidate. I hope to inspire, encourage, goad and share as we all go through the journey of becoming all that God intended for us to be.

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  1. Hi, MrsDrD! Thanks for checking out my blog. It’s great to see there’s a blog like yours out there, so Ph.D. candidates can see we’re all in this together.

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