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Steam Trains and Ghosts

10.  The schedule is flexible.  The graduate school cares more about whether you do a good job than what time of the day you do it.  That is, unless you’re doing a time-course experiment – then you’re at the experiment’s mercy.

9.  It’s a meritocracy.  To do a good job, you need to do good science.

8.  My boss is a scientist.

7.  You’re surrounded by nerds.  I can rhapsodize about how cool carbonic anhydrase is to my fellow grads, and they’ll know what the heck I’m talking about.*  They probably feel the same way about carbonic anhydrase.

6.  You can spend all day surrounded by your Eppendorf tubes if you want to.

5.  You get to work on a Machine.  Or at least I do.  The Machine I work with weighs at least 50 pounds and is controlled by a computer that runs DOS.

4.  Ph.D. Comics.

3.  You…

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